Also known as “Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road”, ADR training covers all necessary requirements to become ADR certified.

ADR training is designed to ensure that dangerous goods being carried can pass international borders. This is as long as the goods, vehicles and driver comply with the necessary provisions stipulated.

Thorough training in relation to dangerous goods is vital to ensure safe transportation and well-known procedures in the event of a hazard developing, which could cause damage or injury.

Find the ADR course for you

ADR Individual Class


Our ADR individual classes provide our students with the flexibility to choose the classes that they require.

Initial training is for those who have no training with ADR classes or requirements.

If you already have previous ADR training with an individual class, you may want to look at booking a refresher training course instead.

ADR Multiple Class


Multiple Class includes the following courses:

  • All Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Core, Packages & Tanks
  • Core & Packages
  • Build your own ADR package

Depending on the course chosen, training ranges from 1-day, to 7-days of classroom training.

DGSA Training

DGSA product image

The DGSA has 3 main duties:

  • Monitoring compliance with rules governing transport of dangerous goods
  • Advising their business on the transport of dangerous goods
  • Preparing an annual report to management on the business’ activities in the transport of dangerous goods

The DGSA is also responsible for:

  • Monitoring procedures and safety measures
  • Investigating and compiling reports on any accidents or emergencies
  • Advising on the potential security aspects of transport

The Dangerous Goods Classes

Class 1 – Explosives (specialist class)
Class 2 – Gases
Class 3 – Flammable Liquids

Class 4 – Flammable Solids
Class 5 – Oxidising Agents
Class 6 – Toxics

Class 7 – Radioactive (specialist class)
Class 8 – Corrosives
Class 9 – Miscellaneous

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