LGV C1 Ambulance Driver Training

We Provide LGV C1 Ambulance Driver Training for the DVSA LGV C1 Driving Test, Refresher Lessons and Assessments in Southampton Hampshire, Newbury Berkshire.

LGV C1 Ambulance Training LGV C1 Ambulance Training

We are one of the UK`s leading providers of driver training for the DVSA LGV C1 driving test. 


The LGV C1 licence is for drivers 18 or over and who passed their car driving test after January 1st 1997 and wish to drive a van or rigid medium goods vehicle with a MAM over 3500kg and up to 7500kg. (most emergency ambulances)


We offer both LGV C1 and PCV D1 ambulance driver training courses to enable individuals to drive an ambulance or a passenger transport vehicle (minibus).


The LGV C1 (ambulance) driving licence is required to drive most emergency ambulances. 


Our LGV C1 ambulance driver training vehicles are VW Crafters, they have the advantage of being small and manoeuvrable, with simple controls, brakes and gears, whilst meeting all DVSA requirements to gain your LGV C1 ambulance licence.


Your experienced driving instructor will cover all that is required on your training, to pass the DVSA LGV C1 driving test.

We Offer:

  • Modern VW crafter training vehicles.
  • Hundreds of 1st time passes.
  • A dedicated booking team.
  • An exceptionally high 1st time pass rate.
  • Patient and friendly trainers.
  • A company that has a proven track record, estblished in 2005.
  • Customers highly recommend us, check out our photos.
  • The chance to come and meet us at our office
  • An assessment drive if required.

We have a wide range of LGV C1 ambulance courses available to Suit every level of driving experiance.

Course: Catergory LGV C1 Licence. 


Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Newbury, Berkshire

Age: 18+


Course Requirement. Hold a provisional LGV C1 licence and Passed the LGV theory tests.


Course length: 12 to 24 Hours


Price: Call for details

We have driving tests pre booked with DVSA.


DVSA Test fee. £115 weekdays

DVSA Test fee £141 Saturday


There is not a fixed amount of time for a course as everyones requirements are different.


We will be able to help you with every thing that is required to pass your LGV C1 driving test. From the initial phone call, supplying a modern VW Crafter vehicle which meets all the DVSA test requirements, to arranging your course and training to suit you and obtaining your driving test. Your instructor will take to the DVSA test centre and the return you back to the training centre.


If you are unsure what length of course you require, then book one of our assessment drives. This will make sure you are on the right length of course.

LGV C1 (Ambulance Driver) Assessment Drive.


The assessment drive is for those that passed there catergory B (car test) after 1st Jan 1997, and want to drive an ambulance over 3500kg MAM, and are unsure of what length of course they require.

One of our instructors will assess your driving experiance and ability against the DVSA LGV driving test standard and advise you on the most suitable course.

Course: Catergory LGV C1 Assessment Drive.


Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Newbury, Berkshire

Age: 18+


Course Requirement. Hold a provisional LGV C1 licence.


Course length: 1 Hour


Price: Call for details

LGV C1 (Ambulance Driver) Refresher Training Course.


This course is for those that already have the LGV C1 licence and have not driven them for a while and would like to update there skills and have time for some correctional training if needed, before starting there job or taking the ambulance assessment drive.


Course: Catergory LGV C1 Refresher.


Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Newbury, Berkshire

Age: 18+


Course Requirement. Hold a Full LGV C1 licence.


Course length: 4 Hours


Price: Call for details


The LGV C1 Driving Test

The LGV C1 driving test is conducted at a DVSA large goods vehicle driving test centre with an off road manoeuvring area.


The LGV C1 driving test lasts about 90 minutes. A VERY HIGH standard of driving is required to pass this type of test.


For the LGV C1 driving test you are  asked a few questions relating to the safety and loading of the vehicle. You then drive the outfit onto the manoeuvring area and complete the reversing exercise accurately and safely.


You will drive in varying roads and traffic conditions including motorways where possible, complete uphill, downhill and angled starts and demonstrate a high standard of driving throughout.


The order in which you are tested may change due to the test centre requirements


We cover the south for LGV C1 Ambulance Driver Training from Bournemouth, Ringwood, New Forest,Totton, Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Porchester, Wickham, Salisbury.

We have LGV C1 Ambulance trailer training from Newbury, Greenham, Basingstoke, Reading, Farnborough, Andover, swindon, 


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